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Wisconsin Legislature Asking State Supreme Court To Block Stay at Home Order

Republicans on the Wisconsin legislature asked the state supreme court to block an extension of Gov Evers stay at home order, asking the court to take the case directly skipping the lower courts and allowing for a faster ruling. Republicans argue that DHS secretary Andrea Palm exceeded her authority by exercising czar-like powers and that if the order is left in place it will devastate the economy and leave Wisconsin in shambles. To Date 242 people have died in Wisconsin with 4,712 positive cases with 1,252 requiring hospitalization and over 47 thousand negative tests. Rock County has reported 83 cases with 34% needing to be hospitalized, Walworth county reported 92 positive cases with 7 deaths and Jefferson County reporting 32 positive cases. Sen Tammy Baldwin, Reps Gwen Moore and Mark Pocan voiced concerns that Wisconsin has not received the supplies it needs to combat the virus. Wisconsin has received about 2800 out of 60 thousand plastic tips for testing, about 3500 out of 10 thousand testing swabs, The State has also not received the number of reagent kits and other testing materials that Gov Evers requested in March. FEMA regional Administrator James Joseph said the agency has made enormous efforts to fulfill Wisconsin's needs but global demand outpaces supply. There’s been no word on if or when the state supreme court will hear arguments to block the order.

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