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Jefferson county medical examiner speaks about viral Tiktok video and suicide prevention month

A disturbing video has been circulating Tiktok and other social media platforms, which shows a young man dying by suicide. Nichol Tesch, the medical examiner for Jefferson county, commented on the video and said "I certainly think we shouldn't watch it, and I've got children so I'm watching it myself. We need to watch what our children are pressing on YouTube and such because it's circulating all over Tiktok and all the social medias. They're sneaking it into some of the kids stuff, where they'll play something kiddish and then that pops in there. It can be a big trigger. I have never, ever, seen anything like that. When I came across it, it was absolutely catastrophic and devastating. I think everybody needs to be aware that if you see it, report it. Because that's something that could really trigger somebody who is having mental health crisis."

Tesch also noted September is national suicide prevention month, and there are many resources available for suicide prevention. These include Prevent Suicide Wisconsin, the Question, Persuade, and Refer Institute, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. On a local level, resources include the Jefferson County Human Services Crisis Number, which is 920-674-3105, where you can ask to speak with an intake worker. You can also text “hopeline” to 741741. Tesch noted that common risk factors of suicide include relationship and work related issues.

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