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Janesville Woman Sentenced to Prison for Making Meth

A Janesville woman who was caught making methamphetamine and leaving poisonous waste along roadsides with her partner last year was sentenced in Rock County Court. Stacey Utterberg plead guilty in January to two counts of party to manufacture/delivery of three or fewer grams of methamphetamine and bail jumping, other charges were dismissed. Utterberg and James Bjork,her partner were arrested in April of 2019 after deputies raided a building and found evidence of meth making. In September they were charged with making meth by using an SUV as a mobile meth lab and in both cases they were believed to be using the one pot method. The couple had been buying Sudafed which contains a key ingredient for making meth since 2013 and even paid others to buy it for them. She denied involvement or used excuses to dismiss the accusations when speaking during her pre sentence report which concerned the judge and ultimately is what led him to sentence her to prison. Utterberg as a result of the arrests lost her 3 children to child protective services but worked hard at addiction and parenting classes to win them back. She is sentenced to four months in jail with work release and 5 years probation, she has to report to the Rock County Jail no later than 3pm Thursday.

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