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Gov Evers on Friday called a special session of the legislature

Gov Evers on Friday called a special session of the legislature for Saturday to decide the fate of the election that takes place tomorrow. The Governor was pushing to convert to a primarily mail-in election with ballots to be received no later than May 26. Republican leaders quickly rejected the idea saying voters in Wisconsin need consistency and immediately ended the session. 111 jurisdictions don’t have enough poll workers to staff a single polling location and the gov has enlisted the national guard for help, In milwaukee there will be just five election day polling locations instead of the usual 180 with many areas including Waukesha, Whitewater and others going down to 1 polling location. More than 1.2 million of the 2.2 million voters have requested a mail in ballot but that comes with a different set of problems like having the proper identification and getting a witness signature although a US District Judge ruled that you could submit a ballot without a witness if you provide a declaration that you couldn't get one. Wisconsin Republicans are asking the US Supreme Court to block extended absentee voting after a US district Judge ruled in favor of it last week, arguing that it’s inherently unfair to create two different deadlines for in person and absentee voters. To Find your polling place go to myvote.wi.gov.