2 Beloit Men Charged in Shots Fired Incident on Rock River

Two Beloit men were charged in Rock County Court in connection with a shots fired incident on April 7th along the Rock River. Dustin Hallman and Brandon Lenohart were among 4 adults and one kid who were shooting rifles and handguns on state land in the town of Rock. They were shooting bottles and cans in the field but behind the targets across the river was Happy Hollow park where people were fishing with a child. The people fishing reported bullets striking around them with one getting within 20 feet of the child, no one was hurt. Police determined that shots fired at the other targets would have entered the ground safely but the 308 rifle’s bullets could have continued to the park, Leonhart told police that no one shot the 308 but later admitted to both men firing the 308 in the prone position. Both men were charged with second degree reckless endangerment and Leonhart was charged with obstruction after he lied to police about firing the 308 rifle. Hallman and Leonhart will make their initial court appearance on May 26th.

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