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Wisconsinites Getting Electric Bill Refunds

Around 1.2 million Wisconsinites will see electric bill refunds as millions of fuel cost dollars are returned by utilities. On July 9th the Public Service Commission ordered Alliant, Xcel and Wisconsin public service corporation to return 28.3 million to customers in September. The PSC sets electricity rates one to two years in advance based on fixed expenses as well as estimated costs of fuel. The utilities over collected more than 29 million in 2019 as lower natural gas prices, renegotiated contracts and market sales resulted in fuel costs that were lower than expected. Fuel costs can vary up to 2% from the estimates under state law but if the actual costs fall below the threshold they must refund the difference plus interest. On Average Xcell customers could see refunds of about $13 dollars, Alliant customers could see around $8.50 in refunds and WPS customers could see $4.70 in refunds. Last year Alliant, Xcel and WPS refunded about 25 million in excess fuel collections and this is the third year most ratepayers have received refunds. The Public service commission on June 11th allowed utilities to start disconnecting power from people who’ve fallen behind on their payments starting on July25th. The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign along with the Sierra Club, Citizen Action of Wisconsin and other nonprofit groups are urging the Public service commission to reverse its decision and continue the moratorium until next April.

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