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Whitewater Man Who Threatened Ex-Wife Shot By Police

A Whitewater man who threatened to kill his ex-wife is expected to survive after being shot by police according to a Jefferson County Sheriff’s news release. On Sunday around 8:20pm an attempt to locate a 32 year old man was broadcast by Whitewater police, the man allegedly talked about killing his ex-wife and then himself with a gun. Police along with sheriff’s deputies searched through the night but were unable to find the man until about 4am when the wife called 911 on a report of a man breaking into her apartment, he soon left after he was unable to find her. Police investigated and found damage from a breakin and a live round of ammunition, they continued to search the area for the suspect. At 5.36am sheriff’s deputies along with Whitewater and UW Whitewater police observed a man matching the description of the suspect in the area of the ex-wife apartement. Police attempted to talk with the suspect but he began to run away on foot and at one point pointed a handgun at the officers, he was shot by police in an attempt to stop the imminent deadly threat, a loaded handgun was found in his possession. Police treated the man on the scene and was then transported to a local trauma center. The names of the officers have not been released and they were placed on administrative duty as standard protocol. The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation will investigate the shooting, no other individuals were injured during the shooting and police believe the community is not at risk. The suspect is expected to survive and more information will be updated later this week.

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