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Whitewater City Council Passes Ordinance Requiring Masks

After a unanimous vote Tuesday the Whitewater City council is requiring masks in buildings open to the public. The ordinance will start on Aug 1st and anyone ages 5 or older in the city must wear an intact face covering when in an area of a building open to the public, when in line indoors or outdoors and when picking up food or goods. Masks must also be worn at the Whitewater city market, if someone is a city employee or in a city facility and at the farmers market held on weekends. Those who fall under the CDC guidelines for exceptions because of medical conditions or disabilities, those whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a mask and anyone with a written note from their doctor will be exempt from the ordinance. The Police department will be responsible for enforcement which calls for a warning on the first offense, a citation would then come if the person refuses to comply with the first warning. Tickets could also be given with fines for first offense between 10 and 40 dollars and any offense beyond that would be between 50 and 150 dollars. Building owners and operators have the right to refuse service or entry to anyone violating the ordinance and police ask the public not to use 911 when reporting violations as it could overwhelm the dispatch. The ordinance is in effect until the end of the year unless the council decides to terminate it earlier.

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