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Waukesha Man Arrested After Watching Kids at a Park

A Waukesha man has been arrested and charged Monday after a concerned citizen noticed him observing children in Bethesda Park. Officers were sent to Bethesda Park on Dunbar Ave around 4pm on a report of a suspicious person. An eyewitness called authorities saying a man identified as Jeffrey King had been hanging around the park and appeared to be watching a 9 year old girl on the swings, the witness said it looked suspicious. When police confronted King he lied about his identity but police later learned that King had multiple warrants out for his arrest. King had been charged in October for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia, for bail jumping in December and for possession of drug paraphernalia last June. King was charged this week with resisting arrest and bail jumping and is being held until his initial court appearance.


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