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The Number of total positive cases of COVID 19 rose again on Wednesday

The Number of total positive cases of COVID 19 rose again on Wednesday to 2,817 according to the DHS website with the amount needing to be hospitalized at 790 which is 29% of positive cases and over 30 thousand negative tests. The DHS also reported that the number of deaths also went up to 105. Rock County reported 42 positive cases with Jefferson county reporting 16 positive cases, Waukesha county reporting 173 and Walworth county reporting 23 positive cases. Milwaukee continues to lead with 1461 cases and Dane county with 306. Some new data from the DHS shows that black Wisconsinites make up 26.9% of total confirmed cases in the state despite only accounting for 6.7% of the state’s population. The numbers also show that African americans account for 42.4% of COVID 19 related deaths in Wisconsin with Caucasians accounting for 43.4%. Caucasians also account for 48.7% of positive cases as well. The numbers are most likely due to Milwuakee being the hardest hit city in the state both in confirmed cases and deaths. Milwaukee black population makes up nearly 40% of the total population.

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