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Rock County DHS Publishes COVID 19 Cases Map

After local boards and emergency workers asked for a map of Rock County COVID 19 positive cases, Rock County DHS published a map Tuesday showing the highest density of cases by zip code. The map was published as Rock County announced the fourth death in the area due to COVID 19, with 59 confirmed cases. 53511 and 53546 have more than 10 confirmed cases each, with those zip codes covering Beloit, Newark, southeast Janesville, and Avalon. 53548 covers the west side of Janesville, towns of Rock and Footville has between five and nine cases with the rest of the zip codes having less than five confirmed cases. Citing privacy concerns, the health department had refused to release geographic information about positive cases and they still have not released the municipalities where people with confirmed cases lived. Health officials say there are likely 10 people infected for every confirmed case, and the zip code data is based on cases as of April 9 when the county reported 47 cases and two deaths, so 12 cases have not been accounted for in the zip code map. The map will be updated weekly.

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