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New Jury Rules For Janesville Murder Trial

A Rock County judge decided that members of the jury for a Janesville murder case will be sequestered and have their phones confiscated when the case is retried in September. The second trial for Julain Collazo was delayed because COVID 19 a is scheduled for five days in Sept. Collazo is accused of fatally stabbing a woman in her home in December of 2017. The jury in the October trial could not reach a unanimous verdict and it was declared a mistrial and defense attorneys filed a motion to get the trial moved to a different county or select a jury from outside Rock County which will be ruled on in July. The Trial will be held in courtroom H which is bigger and will have enough room to social distance from everyone involved. That courtroom is currently being used for rock county board meetings. The trial is set to start September 14th.

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