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Milton School Board Approves 10 Year $14 Million Plan

The Milton school board approved two plans on Monday for capital and technology improvements over the next 10 years. $11 million is for capital improvements for district schools and can include new lights, fencing and parking lots, tennis courts, drinking fountains and maintenance. The $3.95 million technology improvement plan calls for 1:1 technology such as charges, computer service equipment, security cameras, and other technology. The board's decision takes the district's five year capital improvement plan which was approved in February, and adds more options for the district over another five years. The money will be allocated from the general fund to a special trust fund. State rules require that districts wait five years before pulling money out of the fund, but the board was unsure when the district hoped to open the account. The money will likely be allocated in June each year so officials have a good idea of how the district is doing on its budget. Only 1 member voted against the plans.