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Milton Council Approves New Sewer on N Janesville St

The Milton Common council approved a project to install a sanitary sewer main along North Janesville Street. The full cost of the project which is 100% assessable to affected homeowners is $353.439 with eleven lots affected with assessments ranging from 53 thousand dollars to 16 thousand dollars. The council has directed it’s staff to look at ways to help homeowners absorb the assessments associated with the project, assessments are based on estimated lineal feet of sewer main to be constructed on each lot. The city will pay the 6 thousand dollar charge for pipe placed on a city owned right of way on Nelson Ave. The city has proposed 940 of sewer main for 11 lots using a 10 inch main at a depth of 25 feet. The assessment would be due to the city at the time of hookup and can be paid in installments but are subject to 5% interest and a $25 dollar administration fee per each installment. The motion passed 5-1.

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