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Milton City Council Passes Ordinance Allowing Chickens & Bees

Chickens and Bees can be kept within Milton city limits after the city council approved the ordinance on Tuesday. Coops must be kept at least 25 feet from habitable structures on neighboring property, after an application is received the city clerk will notify all abutting property owners allowing neighbors to comment or request a public hearing. The bees ordinance includes the placement of a minimum six foot fence, closed hedge and building or other flyaway barrier between hives, all property lines within 20 feet of the hives and permit holders must provide verification of beekeeping training. In a separate action the council set a one time chicken and bee keeping fee of $55 dollars. If a resident chooses to discontinue keeping chickens or bees and then in the future decide to keep them again they will have to pay the fee again. The city’s application form includes language requiring keepers to comply with state and county requirements.

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