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Lake Geneva City Council to Vote on Ordinance

The Lake Geneva City Council is considering an ordinance that allows police to cite people who violate the Safer at Home order. The council’s Finance, Licensing and Regulation committee unanimously approved the proposal on Tuesday which would give the authority to police to issue citations that could carry fines between 500 and 1000 thousand dollars. If someone currently violates the emergency order police would likely refer misdemeanor charges to the Walworth County DA’s office. According to Police Chief Michael Rasmussen police would issue warnings before handing out citations but it would give police a tool so they could write tickets for small infractions that need to be corrected. There haven’t been many cases where people are disobeying the order but this past weekend with the weather getting nicer, a group of bikers gathered at Wrigley Drive and many people gathered by the lake. Some municipalities in the state have passed similar ordinances to enforce the order but others have not and although the Lake Geneva ordinance has passed it’s first hurdle it still needs to be voted on by the full city council.

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