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Janesville Alcohol License Committee Votes to Change Ordinance

The Janesville Alcohol License Advisory Committee voted unanimously for the recommendation that the city council permanently allow class b liquor licensees to serve pre packaged liquor for takeout. The council voted to change the city ordinance to sell pre packaged liquor during the city’s state of emergency and asked that the ordinance change be reviewed by the alcohol license committee before it’s votes to change the ordinance. The Previous ordinance allowed class b licensees which are mostly bars and restaurants to sell pre packaged beer and wine but not liquor, the state ordinance allows for it but the local ordinance superseded state law. The committee recommended that bars and restaurants stop selling pre packaged liquor at 9pm which is in line with laws regulating sales at grocery and liquor stores. Janesville police said the department has not had any issue with take out liquor being sold and did not express any concerns about allowing the change permanently. The council will vote on the ordinance change on Monday.