DMV Announces No Road Test to Earn License

The Wisconsin Dept of Motor Vehicles announced Tuesday that teen drivers will not have to pass a behind the wheel road test to earn a driver's license. The pilot program started because of a backlog of 16 thousand road test requests due to the pandemic and about 10 thousand of those will be eligible for the road test waiver. The DMV will offer road tests but this program will allow another path forward for those who qualify. State officials said that as long as the driver is younger than 18, successfully completed their required training and has the endorsement of a parent or guardian they will be able to get their probationary license without completing a road test. The program eliminates the need for in person visits to the DMV service center by allowing drivers to complete the tasks online. It will also allow the public to get service more quickly while maintaining safety, the new pilot program goes into effect on May 11th.

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