COVID 19 Updates

Gov Evers announced Wednesday the Local Aid Grants program that will provide 200 million dollars to help local governments address urgent COVID 19 recovery needs. The grants will provide reimbursements for unbudgeted expenses that arose due to the pandemic like sanitizing supplies, ppe or temporary housing for at risk individuals. Funding will be allocated to every county, city, village, town and federally recognized tribe in Wisconsin and will be administered by the Department of Administration with 10 million set aside for Wisconsin's Tribal nations. The positive percentage of new COVID 19 tests has increased to 5.8% after four days of dropping according to the DHS with 662 new cases reported on Wednesday. The total number of confirmed cases is 16,617 with 60% of all positive cases or 9,846 having recovered from the virus. 23 more deaths were reported due to complications from COVID 19 with the death total reaching 545. Rock county reported 588 total cases with 18 deaths, Walworth county reported 366 cases with 16 deaths and Jefferson county reported 92 cases with 3 deaths. The pandemic has continued to impact local economies with the Janesville Beloit metro area having the highest unemployment rate across Wisconsin’s 12 metro areas at 17%. For more information about COVID 19 visit

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