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COVID 19 Updated Numbers And News

Gov Evers approved the outline for a new emergency rule Thursday that could end up replacing the Safer at Home order. The scope statement, which lays out the intentions for the emergency rule, is the first step in the emergency rulemaking process laid out by law and the state supreme court. Gov Evers said he expects it will be published Monday and would go into effect after a 10 day public comment period and the DHS is likely to push for an approach similar to the safer at home order. The number of people who tested positive for COVID 19 grew to 11,469 on Thursday with the death toll increasing to 435 statewide. More than 122 thousand people have tested negative and 5,994 or 52% of people with the virus have recovered. The number of positive cases reported in Rock County is 393 with 14 deaths, Jefferson County is 56 with 2 deaths and Walworth County is 263 with 11 deaths. A Staff member of Rock Haven nursing home has tested positive for COVID 19, the worker is in quarantine at home and residents and family members have been notified, some of the other nursing homes with open investigations are Autumn Lake Healthcare, Evansville Manor, Green Knolls, Oak Park Place and St Elizabeth nursing home. To get the full list of facilities being investigated and other COVID 19 information visit the DHS website at dhs.wisconsin.gov