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COVID 19 Update

Gov Evers announced Wednesday more than 80 million in financial assistance for Wisconsin k-12 schools and higher learning institutions to assist with challenges due to the pandemic. More than 46 million will go to k-12 schools with 37 million going to technical colleges, private and non private campuses around the state, Wisconsin tribal colleges will receive 2 million. The money for k-12 will come from the Emergency education relief fund which was put into place under the Coronavirus aid, relief and economic security act. The percentage of positive COVID 19 tests saw a small increase to 2.6% or 275 new cases out of over 9 thousand that were tested in the past 24 hours. 17,613 or 75% of those infected with the virus have recovered out of the 23,533 people who tested positive. 10 more people died due to complications of COVID 19 bringing the total in the state to 715. Since Tuesday Jefferson county has reported 3 new cases with no deaths, Rock county reported 13 new cases with 1 new death and Walworth county reported 10 new cases with no deaths. For more information on covid 19 in wisconsin visit dhs.wisconsin.gov.

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