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COVID 19 Update

The application window for the We’re All In grant initiative begins on June 15th according to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Gov Evers had announced a few weeks ago that 75 million would be available to small businesses but never said when business owners could begin applying. The money will be given out through grants worth 2500 dollars or more than 30 thousand dollars to small businesses. Small business is defined by having 20 employees or less and less than 1 million in revenue and the application window will be open from 8am Monday through midnight on Sunday June 21st. According to the DHS we’ve had the fifth day in a row where the percentage of positive COVID 19 tests has been below 3% with the percentage of positive tests coming in at 1.9%. 14.227 people were tested Monday afternoon which more than doubled the amount of tests from the previous day with 273 new cases reported Tuesday. 14,583 or Over two thirds of positive cases have fully recovered from the virus and with 16 more people dying the death total in the state is 663. There are now 62 active labs capable of running up to 15,500 tests altogether. For more information about COVID 19 visit dhs.wisconsin.gov.