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City of Watertown Experiences 100 Year Rain Event

According to a press release from the City of Watertown, the City experienced a “100 Year Rain” event on the evening of June 15. Over four inches of rain was recorded in less than two hours. Impacts of this event include the following:

• 10 emergency services responses, including one tree fire, 4 Emergency Medical Services

related calls, 2 “wire down” calls for one One downed wire on East Main St. & Water St., one

service call, and one carbon monoxide detector call.

• Power outages in three areas of the city.

• Two impassable roadways closed due to flooding, and one not advised for travel

• Bypass of approximately 41,400 gallons of mixed wastewater and stormwater into the Rock

River between 12:10 and 12:40 AM on 6/16/22. Bypassing was necessary to avoid flooding of the main pump station of the Watertown Wastewater Treatment Plant. There is no public

health danger from this event currently or at the time of the event due to fast river flows

resulting in quick dilution.

On June 16 at 9 a.m., a river elevation reading at 809.82 was taken from the Cady Street Bridge. This means that “no wake” conditions are in effect for the Rock River between the Watertown Upper and Lower Dams.

Watertown Department of Public Health recognizes that damage to residents’ homes may have occurred and has gathered resource guides for cleanup, flood preparedness, safety, and more at

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