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City of Janesville Unveils Trick or Treating Hours

The City of Janesville has unveiled its trick or treating hours for 2021. On Halloween, the city will allow trick or treating from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Residents who wish to be visited by trick or treaters are asked to leave their porch lights on. Those with porch lights off likely don’t want to participate and the City is asking you to respect their wishes. Janesville Police have also issued the following safety protocols to ensure a safe and fun Halloween. According to the press release, the City wants residents to do the following:

  • Drivers should exercise extra caution during trick or treat hours and slow down in residential areas

  • Only go to homes that are inviting visitors by leaving the front porch light on.

  • Wear a light-colored costume so you can be seen in the dark.

  • Wear strips of reflective tape and a flashlight to enhance visibility.

  • Make sure your costume won't trip you or make it hard for you to see.

  • Wear face paint instead of masks to help with visibility.

  • Ask your parents or an older family member to escort you as you trick or treat.

  • Trick or treat with a group of friends.

  • Trick or treat in your own neighborhood on well-lit streets.

  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible. Be extra careful crossing the street at night, and be sure to only cross at street corners and crosswalks.

  • Wait until you get home to eat treats. Do not eat anything that is not wrapped

  • Notify the Police Department about anything suspicious.

Contact Lt. Josh Norem at 608-755-3133 for more safety information.

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