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As a kid, one of the best parts about trick-or-treating is hitting up the houses that have the giant candy bars, or anything else that's out of the ordinary.  


When Rachel was a kid, there was a house close to her best friend that would hand out giant 2 liter bottles of soda!  In her neighborhood, there was also a guy who would chill in his front yard with his family and make brats and hot dogs for kids and their parents.


When Crystal’s son was younger, she would take him and his friends trick or treating to a house that had a cotton candy machine.  While Crystal’s son would eat the cotton candy neatly, some of the friends liked to grab the cotton candy by the fistful, stick it in their mouths, and then try to hold Crystal’s hand with their sticky, slobbery fingers while crossing the street!  


What is the most interesting Halloween treat you or your kids have gotten?  Tell us on any of our social media’s like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat

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