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You Can Buy Anything On The Internet, Even Racing Sausages

Do you want to own a piece of Brewer history, or maybe think of it as a piece of County Stadium history, or even famous racing sausage history.

Picture taken from the original eBay auction, all rights to the owner(s).

Click the picture above for a direct link to the eBay auction, or click HERE.

Sometime when the stadium was being demolished, someone grabbed 3 of the original racing sausage costumes that lucky fans would wear to run around the warning track. …and you, YES YOU could be the proud owner of 3 of these well-worn costumes. They are the originals, as these were the first ones to be used in 1993! They are being sold on eBay thru MEARS Auctions. You’ll get the original "Brat", "Polish" and "Italian" in their current condition for a cool $25,000! Polish seems to be missing the other half of his glasses, and Italian will need a new hat but otherwise they’re sure to be a good conversation piece…for 25 GRAND. You could Buy It Now or Make an Offer. Good luck!

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