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Wisconsin DNR Seeking Input on Evansville Safe Drinking Water Loan Program

According to a press release from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, they have announced that the city of Evansville is an applicant for funding through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) to improve its public drinking water system. The project includes the replacement of lead service lines throughout the city of Evansville.

The Safe Drinking Water Loan Program has determined that the project will not result in significant adverse environmental effects, and no further environmental review or analysis is needed before proceeding with funding the project. However, the public is encouraged to submit comments regarding this decision and the potential environmental impacts of this project. Submit comments by August 5, 2022 to:

Department of Natural Resources

C/O Kevin Olson, Community Financial Assistance, CF/2

101 S. Webster St. P.O. Box 7921

Madison, WI 53707 or 608-234-2238

Based on the comments received, the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program may prepare an environmental analysis before proceeding with the funding process. The analysis would summarize the DNR’s consideration of the project’s impacts and reasonable alternatives.

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