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Wisconsin DHS Ending Emergency COVID-19 Response

The federal government has announced the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency will end May 11.

In Wisconsin, case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths from COVID-19 are significantly lower than they were during the surge in late 2021 and early 2022. Some programs, including COVID-19 testing and vaccine services, will continue to undergo changes in the coming months. In a news release, the DHS Secretary-designee Kirsten Johnson says “it is critical that Wisconsinites know this does not mean COVID-19 has gone away. The virus remains a threat to health, and we must continue to care for ourselves and each other.” One thing to be aware of, many programs that are currently free may be reverting to insurance and/or personal payment for services. Wisconsin has resources for under- and uninsured people, including programs providing health care for free or at a lower cost. The DHS recommends getting information and links through Forward Health at their website. The FowardHealth webpage can be found HERE.

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