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Whitewater's Water Utility Begins Identifying Private Unknown Service Laterals in the City

According to an update from the City of Whitewater, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR), which is the federal regulation designed to control lead and copper in drinking water. Those revisions require Whitewater’s Water Utility to create an inventory of public and private service laterals by 2024. The City of Whitewater is beginning the process of identifying any private unknown service laterals within the City. Examples of materials may include copper, iron, plastic or lead.

Water Utility employees will be going door to door to inspect the type of material used in your water line. Normally the water line is located in your basement, near the water meter. If you do not have a basement, it may be located in a closet on the first floor.

The inspection will only take a few minutes. If you are not home at the time that a water utility employee comes to your door, the city is asking you to call the Water Utility at 262-473-0560 to make an appointment for a representative to come back and identify the type of material you may have. You only need to make this appointment if you receive a letter on your door with this information. The representative will have identification and will show it to you upon request. The city asks that if you have any records or knowledge of your private side water lateral ever being replaced or repaired, that you share this information during the time of inspection.

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