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Whitewater Council Discusses Effigy Mounds Restoration

At this week’s Whitewater Common Council meeting, the council heard from the Landmark Commission about a plan to reinvest into the Effigy Mounds Preserve.

The commission said the mounds are in bad shape, and of the 13, one has been destroyed by damage. The commission has tried twice in the last ten years to receive grants and was denied both times due to what the commission called “lack of City support”. The commission also wanted the council to resume burning on the preserve, as well as creating a 15 foot buffer around the mounds and moving the walking trail accordingly.

The preserve is a rarity in the sense that there are very few mounds inside a city, but Wisconsin remains one of the largest repositories of mounds in the world. There was no plans for any action to be taken at this meeting, but City Manager Cameron Clapper and City staff met with a third party to have them evaluate the mounds and determine next steps.

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