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Watertown Talks Fireworks Ahead Of July 4th

With the Fourth of July approaching, Watertown officials are reminding the community that fireworks that explode are illegal in the community. Residents who hear or see illegal fireworks are asked to call 920-261-6660.

Watertown officials said the following items are allowed:

ere are some items that ARE allowed:

• A toy snake which contains no mercury.

• A sparkler on a wire or wood stick not exceeding 36 inches in length that is designed to produce audible or visible effects.

• A device designed to spray out paper confetti or streamers and which contains less than one-quarter gram of explosive mixture.

• A novelty device that spins or moves on the ground.

• A cone or fountain.

Officers responded to 103 fireworks complaints in 2020 in Watertown. The fine is $86.20 for possessing or using fireworks.