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Watertown and Beloit Memorial Participate in 40th U.S. Academic Decathlon National Competition

According to a press release from the Wisconsin Academic Decathlon, five Wisconsin Academic Decathlon teams represented the state by participating in the 40th annual United States Academic Decathlon National Competition April 20-23. Participating schools in our listening area were Beloit Memorial in the large school category (coached by Samantha Hoppe) and Watertown in the medium school category (coached by Christopher Kemp, Kristine Meloy, and Pamela Suski).

Watertown took first place in the medium schools category, and their team score was also the third highest of all schools (large, medium, and small) who competed. Beloit Memorial earned 12th place among the large schools.

Watertown will receive 22 individual medals, with 11 gold, 8 silver, and 3 bronze, in addition to their team gold medals for their first place finish in the medium school division. Madeline Kilps earned a first place gold medal for being the highest scoring Scholastic student overall, Ronan Wolfe earned a first place gold medal for being the highest scoring Varsity student overall, and Caleb Clark earned a silver medal for being the second highest scoring Scholastic student overall. Additionally, Margaret Strupp earned four medals, Madeline Kilps an additional five, Caleb Clark an additional three, Ronan Wolfe an additional six, and Caden Rothschadl won one. Beloit Memorial will receive one silver medal for Sarah Ramsden’s second place finish in the Literature event in the Honor category for large schools.

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