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Water Quality Advisory Notice Issued for Lions Beach in Janesville

According to an update from the City of Janesville, a water quality advisory notice has been issued for Lions Beach. The Recreation Division takes weekly water samples at Lions Beach to monitor E. coli bacteria. The State Hygiene Lab then tests these samples in Madison. The beach's most recent water quality test, performed the week of August 15, showed elevated bacteria levels (345 CFU/100 mL) in the swimming area. These results require the Janesville Recreation Division to post a water quality advisory notice. They do not, however, direct the beach to be closed.

Water quality standards state that any test result between 0-250 CFU is safe for swimming. Test results between 250-1,000 CFU are safe for swimming but require public notice. Any test result greater than 1,000 CFU mandates the swimming area to be closed pending further testing. Bacteria counts at the beach vary throughout the season depending on usage and environmental factors, such as rainfall.

The City will remove water quality advisory signs when the one-day sample result is below the established criteria. For questions, contact the Janesville Recreation Division at (608) 755-3030.

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