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Village of Walworth Beginning Hydrant Flushing Program

According to an update from the Village of Walworth, the leaf vacuum will have its last run during the morning hours of Thursday, May 26. Additionally, the Village of Walworth will be implementing a hydrant flushing program per recommendation from the Department of Natural Resources and the Village engineer. Hydrant flushing is one form of preventative maintenance the Water Utility uses to provide The Village of Walworth residents with the highest quality water possible. Hydrant valves are opened and closed to control the flow of water and flush the system lines of sediment. As a result of this process, temporary water pressure is lower and water to area homes may be temporarily discolored. The discoloration is due to silt and air in the lines and does not affect the safety of the water. If you experience discolored water, allow faucets to run for a few minutes to flush the lines in your home.

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