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Village of Mukwonago Working Towards Pavement Preservation Strategies

According to a press release from the Village of Mukwonago, they are proactively moving towards pavement preservation strategies to preserve its pavement infrastructure. The village is beginning a project mid-September that will be treating some of its roads with GSB-88 sealer, which slows the aging process and extends pavement life. This process also saves money and natural resources. The project should take about two weeks to complete depending on the weather.

Residents are asked to not drive on wet material, as it will track onto your driveway and splatter on your vehicle. However, if you leave home and your street has been sprayed, drive very slowly through the material to the untreated, dry side of the street. Drive slowly until the material has worn off your tires.

Sometimes streets may be closed for a few hours, during which residents will not have driving access to their homes. Drivers will have access to their driveways 2-3 hours after GSB-88 is applied to the street. Also during this time, vehicles may not be parked on city streets 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

If you have any questions on the project, call 262-363-6447.

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