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Village of Fontana Residents to see Referendum Question on November 8

According to an update from the Village of Fontana, on November 8 residents will see a referendum question on the ballot. The question will read as follows:

“Under state law, the increase in the levy of the Village of Fontana for the tax to be imposed for the next fiscal year, 2023, is limited to .999%, which results in a levy of $4,196,047. Shall the Village of Fontana be allowed to exceed this limit and increase the levy for the next fiscal year, 2023, for the purpose of providing the Village with 24-hour emergency medical services, by a total of 16.160% which results in a levy of $4,874,124, and on an ongoing basis, include the increase of $678,077 for each fiscal year going forward?”

For more information on the referendum, visit

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