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Update on Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza

In a press release from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture - Trade and Consumer Protection, they have provided an update to the highly pathogenic avian influenza. With the arrival of spring, people across the state are adding chickens to the backyards. If you intend to buy or raise chickens this spring, please consider the following tips:

New birds

  • USDA and DATCP highly discourage the movement of naïve poultry (new birds) into an active HPAI Control Area, such as the area surrounding the infected farm.

  • Any new birds brought into the control zone require a permit from DATCP.

  • Birds brought into the control zone are not subject to indemnification in the event the poultry become positive with HPAI.

Existing flocks

  • Protect your flock by practicing good biosecurity.

  • Implement enhanced biosecurity practices on your premises. This includes sanitation and restricting movement of people, animals, and equipment.

  • Discourage co‐mingling of waterfowl and domestic birds and poultry; if possible, move all birds indoors.

  • Restrict access to surface water and the surrounding environment by poultry and prevent wild birds access to poultry feed, water, and other environments strictly for poultry.

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