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Upcoming Street Resurfacing in Janesville

According to an update from the City of Janesville, street resurfacing activities are expected to take place on multiple city streets between August 22 and August 31. These streets include:

  • South Crosby Avenue (Termini south of Burbank Avenue to Kellogg Avenue)

  • Sylvester Street (South Chatham Street to South Washington Street)

  • South Washington Street (Kellogg Avenue to Cul-de-sac north of West Conde Street)

  • Kellogg Avenue/Burger King Access Road (Kellogg Avenue to 200 feet south of Kellogg Avenue)

  • Center Avenue (Center Avenue to 150 feet east of Center Avenue)

  • South Arch Street (West Conde Street to Joliet Street)

  • South Arch Street (350 feet south of WSOR railroad tracks to West Court Street)

Drivers are encouraged to reduce speeds when driving through work zones and to use alternative routes when possible.

These streets will be posted "no parking" from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. If you park on the street overnight, be sure to move your vehicle off the roadway early in the morning.

The first step in resurfacing is milling or grinding off the old street surface. During and after this process, traffic can drive on the street, and residents will be able to access their driveways. Drivers should drive cautiously and expect minor delays as the equipment removes the surface layer from the pavement and loads it into trucks.

Asphalt paving follows within a few days of removing the upper pavement layer. Before paving, fresh oil, a sticky liquid tack coat, is applied to the surface to bond the new pavement to the old pavement. Traffic is strongly discouraged from driving on fresh oil. Tires can track this material, which can be challenging to remove from vehicles and other surfaces. If you have to drive on fresh oil, go slowly.

The asphalt paving process will begin in short order after the fresh oil is applied. While paving operations are underway on your street, you may be unable to leave your driveway while the work is in progress at your location. Park your vehicle(s) on roads outside the project area if you have concerns about getting to and from your property while the paving operations are in progress.

The paving on your street will be completed in one day or less and can be driven on that evening. Paving is weather-dependent.

For questions and additional information on these projects, contact the City of Janesville Engineering Division at (608) 755-3162.

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