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Upcoming Street Resurfacing and Pavement Repairs in Janesville

According to an update from the City of Janesville, street resurfacing activities are expected to take place on East Holmes Street from South Main Street to Jackman Street between June 24 and June 29. While resurfacing is occurring, the street will be posted “no parking” from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. If you park on the street overnight, be sure to move your vehicle off the street early in the morning.

Additionally, pavement repairs will be completed on the following streets between June 24 and June 29:

Wells Street (South Atwood Avenue to South Garfield Avenue)

The alley between Jefferson Avenue and Forest Park Blvd (East Holmes Street to East Van Buren Street)

The alley between Jefferson Avenue and Forest Park Blvd (East Van Buren Street to Ruger Avenue)

Drivers are encouraged to reduce speeds when driving through work zones and to use alternative routes when possible. No JTS bus routes will be impacted by the resurfacing or repair work. For questions and additional information, contact the City of Janesville Engineering Division at (608) 755-3162.

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