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Upcoming Parking Lot Construction in Elkhorn

According to an update from the City of Elkhorn, beginning on Monday, August 1, the City of Elkhorn Parking Lot at 24 South Washington St. will be under construction until September 2. During this time, the lot will only be available for parking and deliveries on specific days and times:

  • 8/1-8/7: Parking lot closed

  • 8/8 - 8/17: Parking lot open with restrictions

    • Standard parking lot hours to be enforced

    • Parking lot will be gravel, and therefore a rough surface for driving

    • Parking space capacity will be reduced and restricted

  • 8/17 - 9/1: Parking lot closed

  • 9/2: Parking lot closed to public

If you have questions on the project, call 920-946-5359.

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