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Upcoming Micro-Surface Sealing Project in East Troy

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

According to an update from the Village of East Troy, a contractor will be working on a micro-surface sealing project in the village. Roads will be closed to traffic, and residents will not have automobile access for about 4-6 hours while work occurs. The schedule for the project is as follows:

Saturday, September 24 - Elm St, Union St, Chelsea Ct, and Michele Ln.

Sunday, September 25 - Graydon Ave and Chafin Ave

Monday, September 26 - Beulah Ave, Steeple Dr (from Brittany to Michele), Brittany Ln, and Multi-use trail

This schedule may be subject to change. For questions or concerns, contact Mike Jenquin at (608) 280-1452.

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