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Upcoming Exterior Inspections in City of Watertown

According to a post from the City of Watertown WI Government, all properties within the city will be visited for an exterior inspection to begin the process of revaluation this October, beginning the week of the 25th. Assessors will complete their exterior inspections of all properties over the following 8 weeks, and they will arrive in well-marked trucks with the “ACCURATE” logo on them. This process is divided into two sections:

SECTION 1: Property north of Main Street will be inspected from October 25th through November 5th.

SECTION 2: Properties south of Main Street will be inspected November 8th through December 3. There will be well marked vehicles with the assessor’s name on the side, “ACCURATE”.

Assessors will be taking pictures of all properties, and measure any new structures. Additionally, they may knock on doors to verify property information with owners. For more information, visit

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