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Upcoming Road Construction on North Parker Drive in Janesville

According to an update from the City of Janesville, a portion of North Parker Drive, from Centerway to Black Bridge Road, will undergo street resurfacing the week of September 12. Contractors working for the City of Janesville will remove a portion of the existing pavement surface and pave a new asphalt surface layer. The work will take approximately one week to complete. Drivers are encouraged to use alternative routes the week of September 12 to avoid experiencing work-related delays on North Parker Drive.

North Parker Drive will remain open to traffic, but it will be restricted to one lane in each direction and may sometimes be controlled by traffic flaggers. Drivers should reduce speeds and stay alert to changing traffic patterns if traveling through the work zone. The ramps at North Parker Drive and East Memorial Drive may be closed for short periods while paving is in progress.

Contractors will generally maintain local access to businesses and homes on North Parker Drive, Sherman Avenue, and Ba-Wood Lane throughout the week. There will be a brief period when the asphalt paving operations are in progress at a specific location, and access to a driveway will be unavailable. Paving is weather dependent and may be postponed due to rain. For more information, contact Assistant City Engineer Lisa Wolf at (608) 755-3162.

The first step in this resurfacing project is milling or grinding off the old street surface. This work will take place on Monday and Tuesday, September 12 and 13, possibly continuing into Wednesday, September 14. The public should drive cautiously and expect minor delays as the equipment removes the surface layer from the pavement and loads it into trucks. During and after this process, residents will have access to driveways, and local traffic can access destinations within the work zone.

Asphalt paving follows the removal of the upper pavement layer. Before paving begins, a sticky liquid tack coat known as "fresh oil" is applied to the surface to bond the new pavement to the old pavement. Traffic is strongly discouraged from driving on fresh oil. Tires can track this material, which can be challenging to remove from vehicles and other surfaces. If a motorist must drive on the oil, they should go slowly.

The asphalt paving process will begin in short order after the fresh oil is applied. While paving operations are underway in a specific location, traffic may need to wait to enter or leave a driveway or destination while work is in progress. The paving work will occur on Wednesday and Thursday, September 14 and 15, possibly continuing into Friday, September 16. Paving is a weather-dependent activity that precipitation may delay.

The resurfacing of North Parker Drive will require the Janesville Transit System (JTS) to close bus stops for the 6: Beloit Janesville Express route from Centerway to Black Bridge Road. During the detour, the alternate bus stops for the closed locations will be Bus Stop #222 at Black Bridge Road and North Parker Drive and Bus Stop #125 on Main Street across from Garden Court Apartments. For questions, contact JTS at (608) 755-3150.

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