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Trial for Andrew C Hayes Continues Today in Walworth County Court

Andrew C Hayes of Lake Geneva made an appearance in court this week. According to court documents, charges for Hayes were documented as felony possession of narcotic drugs, possession of controlled substance, possession of THC, and possession of drug paraphernalia which stem from an incident in December of 2018.

Yesterday was day 2 of a jury trial and included testimony from David Busch, Alexander Voskuil, Lt. David Markley, and Detective Trevor Hinman. Items presented for evidence included extractions from the victim's cell phone, flash drive of full download of victim and the defendant’s cell phones, a DVD-Interview with the defendant, and a transcript of interview of defendant as well as a packet of photos from the defendants phone and extraction of text messages from the victim’s phone. Court was adjourned for the day and will return by 8:30am this morning. To stay up to date on this case, visit the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access website.

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