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Town of Delavan Police Warning of Blue-Green Algae

According to an update from the Town of Delavan Police Department, a possible bloom of blue-green algae has been detected in Delavan Lake near the Viewcrest Subdivision beach. As a protective measure, anyone choosing to be in or on Delavan Lake should take the following precautions:

· Do not swim in water that looks like "pea soup," green or blue paint, or that has a scum layer or puffy blobs floating on the surface.

· Do not boat, water ski, etc. over such water (people can be exposed through inhalation).

· Do not let children play with scum layers, even from shore.

· Do not let pets or livestock swim in, or drink, waters experiencing blue-green algae blooms.

· Do not treat surface waters that are experiencing blue-green algae blooms with any herbicide or algaecide -- toxins are released into the water when blue-green algae cells die.

· Always take a shower after coming into contact with any surface water (whether or not a blue-green algae bloom appears to be present; surface waters may contain other species of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses).

The Town of Delavan is monitoring this situation and has posted warning signs at all public beaches and private beaches as well as the Community Park. For further information about blue green algae, see the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website at

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