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The Lincoln Academy in Beloit Releases Student Growth Statistics

According to an update from the Lincoln Academy (TLA) in Beloit, the Lincoln Academy Governance Board and administrative teams recently completed a review of the results from second semester MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing and several year-end metrics. Spring MAP testing was completed in May. TLA reported a school-wide growth measure at the end of the second semester of 146% in math and 116% in reading. 100% equates to one year of growth. Dr. Kristi Cole, Chief Education Officer for TLA, says that their target for students is to achieve at least 110%.

Scholar and parent surveys were also conducted at the end of second semester in an effort to provide scholars and families the opportunity to share feedback about their experience in the second half of the school year. Scholar surveys indicated that scholars definitively feel they are learning, their teacher cares about them, and they are able to explore different career options at The Lincoln Academy. Parent surveys also indicated their scholar is learning, they are glad their child(ren) attends TLA, and that they would strongly recommend TLA to others. The Lincoln Academy first opened in the Fall of 2021.

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