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School District of Milton Students Have Work Published in Southern Lakes Anthology

According to an update from the School District of Milton, 17 student writers and artists were selected to have their work published in this year’s Southern Lakes Anthology. The students selected include:

Grade 4

Eleanor Kramer & Jackie Kolinski: "Fly Away" (illustrated writing)

Daphne Plessel & Isabella Legler: "My Stand" (illustrated writing)

Emmit Murphy & Luke Mickelson: "The New Friend" (illustrated writing)

Lainey Smerud: "Just Dance" (illustrated writing)

Grade 5

Lana Penny: "One Legend" (prose)

Blake Wieters: "Powerhouse in the Paint" (poetry)

Felicity Pham: "Time Master" (art)

Grade 6

Joshua Suiter: "Wings of Flight" (prose)

TJ Murphy: "Anxious Thoughts" (poetry)

Jazalynn Ooms: "Katherine Johnson" (poetry)

Conner Adams: "Time Stops for No One" (poetry)

Grade 7:

Cordela Graf: "Kept On Going" (poetry)

Grade 8:

Ava Wawroski: "The Chicken Who Became an Eagle" (prose)

Sophie Chesney: "Castellan" (art)

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