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School District of Janesville Looking For Consulting Firm for Superintendent Search

According to a press release from the School District of Janesville, they are starting the succession planning to prepare for the retirement of current District Superintendent, Steve Pophal, effective on June 30. The Board’s current goal is to select a new Superintendent by April 15, and they are soliciting Requests for Proposals from school district administrator search firms. Interested search firms are to submit proposals that include a 2-3 page summary explaining the firm's preferred process for the search of a superintendent. This may include:

● A description of your firm’s proposed process of planning for the search, including the

process of determining desired qualifications;

● A description of proposed strategies for recruitment and solicitation of interest to

obtain a list of qualified candidates;

● A description of your firm’s proposed process of selection following development of a list

of qualified candidates;

● A description of any proposed post-appointment services; and

● The proposed fee or method of calculating the fee for your services, including any

appropriate pricing alternatives.

Proposals must be submitted on or before November 23. Currently, the board plans to determine two firms from among the proposals offered and to invite each of those two firms to deliver a 60 minute presentation. The Board will interview potential consultant firms beginning on December 14. Proposals can be submitted to Denise Jensen, Assistant Board Clerk, at:

School District of Janesville

Educational Services Center

527 S. Franklin St.

Janesville, WI 53548

For more information, contact Denise Jensen at 608-743-5055.

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