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Rock County Sheriff's Office Shares Sex Offender Relocation Information

According to a Rock County Sheriff’s Office press release, sex offender Darrell Bracey will be relocating to the Rock Valley Community Programs in Janesville on October 18. He was convicted of criminal sexual assault by force in December of 1994, and 2nd degree sexual assault in May of 2010. He is to have no unsupervised contact with minors, no taverns, bars, or liquor stores, he is to have no contact with victims, and is not to consume alcohol or drugs. He must comply with standard sex offender rules, cooperate with electronic monitoring, have face-to-face contact with law enforcement, and be a lifetime registrant of the Wisconsin Sex Offender Program. If you have any questions on Bracey’s relocation, contact the Department of Community Corrections at 608-758-6075.

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