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Rock County Releases Unofficial Election Results for County Supervisors

Rock County has released their unofficial election results. For district 3 county supervisor, Debi Towns had the most votes over Danette Rynes. For district 6, Mary Mawhinney won over Carla Buchanan. In district 7, Ronald Woodman won against Mike Mulligan. For district 8, Rick Richard was victorious over David Homan. In district 12, April Whitledge won over Lucas Carter. In district 17, Kim Schneider won against Robert Potter. In district 18, Ron Sutterlin was victorious against Billy Bob Grahn. For district 21, Brent Fox won over Alan Furnas. For district 23, Russ Podzilni won over John Smecko. In district 24, Jim Farrell was victorious against Kevin A. Stone. For district 26, Tricia Clasen won against John Burt.

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